Christmas Place Mats

One of the many things that took up my December was weaving place mats as a Christmas present for my mom.  I wanted to do colors that were not too Christmas-ish (like red and green or something), that could be used throughout the rest of the winter.  With a large stash of many colored yarns, I agonized over the decision for a days, but ended up doing a combo of red, turquoise, white and black.  Sorta minty colors.  I used a place mat that I already had to get some size guide lines, and I made up the pattern myself.

Warp pattern:

  • 12 turquoise
  • 2 red
  • 12 turquoise
  • 6 black
  • 12 white
  • 2 red
  • 12 white
  • 6 black
  • 12 turquoise
  • 2 red
  • 12 turquoise

I decided to do three place mats plaid and three striped.  For both, the warp does not change, only the weft.  For an even plaid, the weft pattern will be the same as the warp.  For striped, the weft will be a solid color.  I chose for my solid color to be white because I thought it would best allow the stripe pattern to show through, whereas a turquoise weft might hide the stripes more.  But now that I’m thinking about it, a solid black weft would have been really cool.  Anyways, that’s the pattern, and I’m relatively happy with how they turned out.  If I could go back and redo them, I think I would have made them a tad wider, and maybe also longer.  Here’s the pics


DIY Puff Paint Mason Jars


I’ve had for a while a collection of puff paints that I’ve only used about once.  So I decided it was time to put them to use and to crack out the Pinterest for ideas of what to use them for.  I found a few different pins on these puff paint mason jars, so they’re obviously popular.  In my opinion, the hard part about these is finding a use for them.  In the end, I settled on keeping them in my bathroom and using them for things like cotton balls, hair accessories, etc.  They could also be used as maybe a gift for a friend with things inside of it like gift cards, nail polish, or whatever the individual likes!  These are like the easiest thing in the world to make, no crafting experience required!

What you will need:

  • A clean and dry mason jar
  • Several colors of puff paint
  • A napkin or paper towel, or something to wipe the paint up with

The first thing you’ll need to do is open your puff paint bottle and squeeze a little bit onto the napkin.  Sometimes there will be air in the top of the bottle and when you squeeze it, it squirts the paint out in a splatter.  By first squeezing it on the napkin, you’re preventing a mess on the mason jar and able to have good control of the paint afterwards.  Just by making little dots of paint on the jar, you can make all sorts of designs.  On all the jars I made, I chose to just do circle patterns because they’re so easy.  But you could also do squares, hearts, triangles, or even just random swirly patterns or whatever you feel like.  Out of the three jars I did, not only are all the colors different from each other, but the patterns in which I made them.  The first one I made is completely covered in circles of all different colors.


The second is made with circles of all the same colors as each other and the jar is not completely covered in paint.IMG_8248

The third is a big jar that has circles of all the same colors and the empty spots are filled in with white.


Once you’re finished with the painting part, it takes about three hours to dry.  And that concludes this post, so I hope you enjoyed!  I should be writing again soon about my Galaxy in a Jar project (I know it sounds weird, but they’ve been all over Pinterest so I just had to try it).

April 2015 LPS

I’ve been wanting to expand my LPS collection, so I have been allowing myself to spend $15.00 a month on as many LPS as that will buy.  I like the new LPS, but they’re not the same as the old bobble-head ones which are not sold in stores anymore.  So I’ve been buying them off of eBay, and the price varies on the individual LPS.  For example, collies can cost anywhere from $30.00 to $100.00 (crazy, right?), but a more ‘common’ LPS could be anywhere from $3.00 to $8.00 (on average).  Shorthair cats can also be more expensive, especially #339 which is sort of a blonde color with blue eyes.  It is also sometimes more expensive because it is a main character (named Brooke) in an LPS YouTube show. That’s why I grabbed at the opportunity to by this one when I saw it for only $8.00!LPS339

I found it on eBay (sold by zoo502) from Hong Kong.  I think it’s brand new, cause it has absolutely no signs of use, and the seller had about twelve of these for sale.  I think that it might not be a real LPS because it doesn’t have a magnet and it coloration seems a little off, but I don’t care since I never use the magnets anyways and I don’t mind the discoloration.  The other thing is the plastic it’s made of doesn’t feel like normal LPS plastic.  It’s lighter weight and has a different texture.  Anyways, I love this LPS and I’m so glad I got it!

So now I have this one and then I bought one other that month.  It’s another shorthair cat, and I think it’s #5 (making this almost one of the first LPS ever) and is labeled as a Siamese.  I think I bought this one for $8.00 also, and making me only $1.00 off budget.  Here is a picture of it:



This one is a real LPS that I got used from South Carolina (I don’t remember the name of the seller).  I can tell it’s used because it didn’t come with the headband shown above, and it’s skin is a little bit dingy, but the seller had mentioned that it was used and taken good close up pictures of the spots that were worn, so I knew what I was buying.  I really like this LPS as well as the other one and I’m pleased with my purchase.

So, that concludes this months LPS.  I’ll start my next post on my May 2015 LPS soon, so stay tuned (cause those LPS are really cute too!).


Spanish Colonial Costuming

I’ve recently been thinking about making a Spanish colonial costume.  What I would wear it to, I’m not sure.  It’s super hard to find info on stuff like this.  It’s just sort of a time period that’s not well known.  I’ve seen lots of pics of living history museums and reenactments on that time, but none of them seem very historically accurate.  Of course, who am I to say what is and isn’t historically accurate, not knowing myself what is?  I’m just saying that it looks that way.

I’m thinking some sort of white or off white blouse with a colorful skirt and contrasting shawl.

The blouse should be fairly easy, I’ll just use a white or natural undyed muslin that can be bought at any fabric store.  My sister is really good at sewing and can make her own patterns, so I’ll have her help me make one for this.  I think I’m going to have it fitted in the bust and slightly gathered around the waist with puffy short sleeves.  That’s the extent of my description.

For the skirt, I want to use a fabric called cambaya (pronounced cahm-bah-jah).  It’s a Mexican fabric with a light, airy weave.  It comes in any color you can think of and every single one has beautiful, colorful designs.  I found some on Etsy for like $10.00, but only 1 or 1 1/2 yards.  I think I’m going to need 3 yards.  I think I’m going to have it about midcalf length and gathered around the waist.  Super simple.

I was thinking about making my own moccasins (taos, to be specific), but then I would have to use real rawhide in order for them to really work and holdup while I’m walking around.  I did look on Etsy for rawhide, but it cost a little bit more than I would like to spend, and buying them already made is also spendy.  I might do some plain black flats, which are also historical.

In the way of colors, I think I have an idea of what I want to do.  Say I make the skirt yellow (with colorful patterns on it, but the base color is yellow), than I would use a green scarf.  If I did a blue skirt, than red scarf.  There’s also another style dress that’s an option.  It’s hard to explain what it looks like, so here are pics:

See how in all these pics, the dresses are white in the bodice and then the white continues past the sash into the skirt?  I really love this style, and this would be my another option.  Here’s the fabric I would use:


This fabric I found on Etsy being sold by UPGFabricAnnex .  I think it would work perfectly for my use.  If I were to do this style dress, I think I would use a navy blue shawl with black slippers.  If I were to do the other style mentioned before (simple blouse with cambaya skirt), that’s more of a work outfit and would go better with moccasins than slippers.

No-Sew LPS Teepee

I recently made this LPS teepee, which I figured out how to make from various 18″ doll teepee tutorials, and simply shrunk it down to size.  Using bamboo skewers instead of dowels, and gluing the ends of the skewers onto some thin cardboard to make it more sturdy and permanent, I’m happy with how it turned out.  Here are links to my inspiration:

I used a non-fraying suede fabric that I got at Joann.  It was originally $13.00 per yard, but I ended up getting it for $3.00 for a 1/2 yard because I had 50% off coupon.  Not bad at all, right?  Gotta love the good ol’ Joann coupons.  Here are pics of the finished product:

Basic Instructions:

I started by laying out my thin cardboard on my work surface.  Since I only had small pieces of cardboard, I had to glue several together.  Next, I start gluing my skewers into place using hot glue.  I start with a tripod, then kept adding on skewers until I felt that it was sufficiently sturdy.

Now it’s time for the fabric!  With how small my teepee turned out, the 1/2 yard of suede that I bought will go a long way, and I should be able to make several.  I’m thinking an entire Indian village!  With campfires, a river, and horses, I think it will be pretty cute.  Anyway, back to the instructions.

I cut out a little notch in the side of my fabric, but keep in mind that it needs to be pretty small.  Just big enough to wrap around the very top of the teepee.  Next, I put just a little bit of glue at the top and carefully stick the fabric on where I made the notch.  By now, the fabric should lay nice and smooth over the poles without any wrinkles or having to be stretched.  I then glue the fabric to each little pole in turn (only to keep the fabric in place, but if you wanted a teepee to be more accessible for play,  it might be a good idea to not glue the fabric to the poles), but leaving one little section unglued to be the door flap.  I decided not to glue the bottom edge of the fabric to the cardboard, just to keep it more neat and tidy looking.

Next, I use scissors to cut away the excess the fabric at the bottom, cutting a straight line from pole to pole, giving the bottom a sort of hexagon shape.  Then I also cut away the excess cardboard, sticking with the shape of the teepee to try and hide as much of the cardboard as possible.

I also added the darker brown fabric to give the teepee more color variety and a hemp cord at the top to make it look like the poles had been lashed together instead of glued.  It might also be cool to add feathers or beads!  The extra scraps of fabric I used as blankets and pillows.

‘Koko Kringle’ Necklace

If any of you play the Nancy Drew computer games, then you will get the ‘Koko Kringle’ joke.  If you don’t, the Koko Kringles are these little chocolate bars that appear several times in the games, and are known as Sonny Joon’s favorite snack.  Just to make a joke of it, I decided to make a necklace of it.  Here is the original chocolate from the game:


Here is the necklace that inspired me:


Here is my Koko Kringle necklace:


The chocolate part is made with brown polymer clay and I made the lines and the little bite on it with a toothpick.  I stuck an eye-pin in it before I baked it.  I found this label on Pinterest…


… and wrapped tin foil around it and hot glued the label on, then added the cord to put around my neck.  So yeah, that’s it.

Operation: Renovate the LPS House! #3

Woohoo!  It’s finished!  And not just the house, I made completely new furniture.  Thanks to Froggy’s (My Froggy Stuff) video…


… it turned out awesome (if I do say so myself)!  With a raised living room, a bathroom ad-on, a few walls torn down, some new windows, and completely new wall paper EVERYWHERE, it looks like a different house.  As a last minute idea, I built a covered porch over the door, which is not shown in the pictures.  But it looks very similar to Froggy’s that was in the video.  Before pics:

After pics: